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ANDY KATZ: The Desert Landscape

Orientation Sunday, May 5, 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Monday, May 6th – Wednesday, May 8th 9:00am – 4:00pm.

Thursday, May 9th 9:00am – 11:00am (Optional)

This workshop represents a rare opportunity to study and capture the majesty of the great California desert landscape  with one of America’s celebrated masters of landscape photography, Sony Artisan Andy Katz. His work is stunning the desert landscape in the Palm Springs area can often be absolutely breathtaking. Andy’s class will photograph in early morning light, late afternoon and even work at night to capture the full beauty of the magical starry skies above the landscape.
Pulling from twenty five years experience working for a wide range of clients, Andy, the author of 12 critically acclaimed monographs on the landscape will show the class his take on how to make better images, understand the nuances of the desert topography and focus on making powerful, breathtaking images you”ll be proud of. 


Transportation and delicious boxed lunches are provided for each full day of the class.

Photographers should bring their laptops and be conversant with their hardware and software in order to facilitate downloading and projecting their work for critiques in class. Digital projectors with standard DVI / VGA cables will be provided. If you require any special adapter for your computer for this purpose, please be sure to bring one to class. All Workshop Participants are invited to the Canon/Freestyle Digital Print Center at Korakia on Thursday, May 9th from 11:00am to 6:00pm to have an image of their choice printed out on a Canon Pro 2000 printer, using custom profiles and on their choice of several inkjet papers. 

PRICE:  $1430.

This workshop is limited to 16 attendees.



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A picture is a worth a thousand words, but here’s a few hundred that try to explain why I’ve devoted my life to taking photographs. I’m lucky — I discovered early that photography was my passion. Before my ninth birthday, I already knew I wanted to commit to a life behind the camera. I suppose it helped that I didn’t care much about Math or English in school; I wanted the World to be my subject. Sorry, teachers, if I seemed distracted back then — I was determined that I would travel the globe taking pictures, and learn what it had to master my craft. When I grew up, eventually, I set out — and now I have visited over 90 countries photographing the people, places, and events that I only once dreamed I might see someday. They spoke to me then, and they speak to me now.  Happily, like that eight-year-old, I still embrace photography as my giddy passion, one I’m eager to share. As one of the first Sony Artisans of Imagery, I have that opportunity, sharing my appreciation for the greatest cameras in the world.