The Lautner is an extraordinary place where architecture and design lovers come together from around the world to celebrate the work of legendary American architect John Lautner.  This unique and architecturally significant property is a one of a kind  “Micro-Resort”- A hybrid between an upscale vacation rental property and boutique hotel. We are a “Self-Catering” property where our guests can enjoy The Lautner as their own private residence while being spoiled with top-notch amenities one would find at a boutique hotel. This is the only Lautner residence open to the booking public. There are four luxurious “Living Units”, as John liked to call them, where guests are free to “Live the Lautner Lifestyle”. No expense has been spared to indulge our guests in the finest of mid-century modern flourishes, first class amenities and what more can we say.. it’s a LAUTNER!

The Lautner Compound is what we have created over the past 8 years. Not only do you have the chance of a lifetime to sleep in an actual John Lautner residence but now you can host the wedding or special event of your dreams in our 10,000 sq. ft. open air event space  we call The Park and our newly acquired and renovated 1957 California Bungalow we call The Ranch House both just adjacent to The Lautner.

We are a “little slice of heaven” for any architecture, interior design and mid-century modern aficionado. We are located in a remote desert area exactly where John Lautner was commissioned to build it almost 70 years ago by Hollywood movie producer Lucien Hubbard, where he and starlet Mary Pickford would come to escape Los Angeles. We cater to those who dare to explore new places and experience new things, those that like to travel off the beaten path and most of all, those that strive to save Iconic Architecture all around the world just as we did.

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