Eric Luden


ERIC LUDEN: Creating Strategic Partnerships With Industry

Wednesday, May 8th. 9:00am – 10:30am

The key to a successful career depends on the network you create as an artist and business person. Many of today’s most successful photographers partner with industry to increase their profile, gain access to product and services, and build relationships with long term benefits. Having an in-depth understanding of what industry can offer you, and what you need to deliver to industry, can make a big difference in your professional life.

In this seminar, panelist will give a brief “case study” that shows how they have worked with a photographer to build a partnership that benefited all. Each panelist will give a 10-15 minute presentation focusing on how they worked with a photographer to advance a common goal. Panelist will discuss expectations, what was delivered, and possible problems and solutions in their case study. The presentations will be followed by a brief discussion and a question and answer period.

Topics discussed:


• What do you want to accomplish with this partnership?

• What sort of partnerships or support is required to pull off Your project?

• What companies might you approach?

• Does your project honestly advantage the partners that you might approach?  


• Is there a fit with the artist or body of work?

• Does the company believe that this artist will provide greater visibility or goodwill due to an association?

• As a company can we leverage the artists current following?

• Does the company believe that this artist will have critical respect and influence now and in the future?  

• Is this an artist or cause that our company wishes to support?


Digital Silver Imaging / Andrea Zocchi 

Digital Silver Imaging has worked with numerous photographers on Kickstarter campaigns, pro bono projects and exhibition sponsorships. The lab’s connections in the world of fine art have led to high level gallery representation and manufacturer support of their photographer clients.

Canson Infinity / Scott DiSabato

Scott DiSabato is the North American Business Manager for Canson Infinity Digital Fine Art and Photo Papers.  Canson has been crafting beautiful fine art papers in France since 1557.  During the past five years Scott has focused on introducing professional photographers to this now ten-year-old Canson Infinity brand by working closely with our broad industry:  photographers, printmakers, photo educators, manufacturers, photographic labs, distributors, photography organizations, wide format, and fine art reproduction, etc.  Canson has been keen to create sold and influential relationships across the industry to convey and amplify the brand’s message

Price: $65